Ⅰ.Competition regulations

 1. The competition carries out wushu principles: defense in attack, control others and not be controlled.
 2. Both sides control each other by arms touch, destroy opponent’s center of gravity and balance capacity to make him fall or off the arena by pushing, throwing and twisting. Strength effect will be showed in “introduction fail” and “lightning fight astonishing spring”.

Ⅱ. Competition method and touch-and give out strength parts.
(1)At the beginning of each round both sides step on the center point of arena with their front foot and touch each other by crossing arms. They shall not begin to attack each other until the referee gives words of command “start”.
(2)Touch-and give out strength parts are the body from neck to private part and the upper limbs.
(3)Both sides can stretch arm and palm to push or throw valid parts by squeezing, pushing, elbowing and stepping etc.
(4)Both sides can adopt anti-joint skill with single arm supporting method to get rid of threat. Both sides are forbidden to hold the opponent’s arms with both hands to arrest or give strength by cutting in forcing opponent anti-joint.
(5)Both sides can adopt stumbling, stopping and hanging methods to attack the parts below ankles during arms touching defense and attack course, but the feet should not leave the ground. Some wrestling skills are forbidden.

Ⅲ. Superior victory
(1)In one game the side whose accumulative points are ten points higher than the opponent’s will be the winner.
(2)In an round one side who wins three points twice will be the winner.
(3)The head judge can announce the winner after getting chief referee’s consent if there’s a great disparity between two sides’ strength.
(4)In contest one side will win if the opponent demands forfeit.
(5)In contest, if one side breaks the rule and injures the opponent who will not be able to continue the match after being examined by the doctors, the injured side will be the winner.
(6)If one side is injured and is unable to continue the contest because of breaking the rules, the side who has more points will win the contest.

Ⅳ. Winner or Loser
(1)Victory or defeat is judged according to the athletes’ points. The one who has more points will win the contest.
(2)The one with lighter weight will win if the points are equal; the one who gets fewer warnings or dissuasions will win if there’s still equality; if their points are equal again, the positive side will win.

Ⅴ. Winning Points
(1)Win three points
The side will win three points if he/she uses permitted skills or methods to make the opponent and make him/her fall or off the arena.
(2)Win one point
   a. If one side uses skills to make the opponent out of control in a twinkling and rotate 180°, the opponent moves his feet obviously with his back facing the positive side, the positive side will win one point.
   b. The side who makes the opponent fall and with obvious support will win one point.
   c. When the opponent falls or leaves the arena, the side who falls or leaves the arena later will win one point.

Ⅵ. Punishment principles
 I. The one who has following acts will be admonished:
   a. use force pull, force hug and force draw
   b. both hands stick below the opponent’s axilla and go beyond the opponent’s center line of body side
   c. make the opponent break the rules purposely
   d. single hand or double hands hold the opponent’s clothes or both hands grasp the opponent (except uncontrolled position)
   e. attack the opponent without the referee’s words of command “start” or still attack after the referee’s words of command “stop”.
 Ii. The one who breaks the following rules will be warned:
   a. use boxing, head bumping, finger poking, grasping hair, twisting fingers, elbow striking, grasping throat, attacking private part etc
   b. attack the parts of body which aren’t regulated in attacking principles
   c. disobey or un-polite to the referee in the contest
One warning, the opponent wins three points; three warnings, the opponent wins.
 Iii. The one who commits following acts will be disqualified:
   a. attack, curse and insult the referees in the contest
   b. attack the opponent’s body on purpose by using forbidden method to attack